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The future needs people who think differently, create unique solutions and interact on a whole new level.

Our world is amazing, complex and changing fast.

It's tough to cut through the noise... to catch your breath... to get your equilibrium...

or to see how you can  make an impact...

as an individual or a company of individuals.


You Can Change This. We can Help.


We took insight and expertise once available only to top leaders,

Created a model for unique, experiential workshops and programs,

Giving you  extraordinary insight, solutions  and inter-personal power,  

Keeping you ahead of the curve and leading steady through the change.

If you're Beginning or a Seasoned Professional...

A Life-Long-Learner or a Company of them...

Our programs give More Power To You

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For individual and team development. For custom

solutions and customer focus.


Special Programs

Tailored for Life Long Learners in affinity groups, professional groups & students of all ages.


One-on-one. Teams. Organizations. Professional groups. Train-the-Trainer 


Our Guiding Principles

Real future of work is human.

Change is difficult for us humans for some very good reasons. To navigate it and lead other people through its rough waters requires a unique skill set combining IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence), as well as adaptability, solution mindset, empathy and continuous learning. Paradoxically, as technology reshapes our world and work, it's simultaneously reshaping and often weakening our people skills, empathy and even how we think and solve problems. The future of work will require all these skills and more just to stay ahead of the curve. The rest is automation.


Dancing on the edge of chaos.

 have been on the forefront of change my entire career, working  side-by-side with people in hundreds of roles and across many industries facing tremendous disruption. Transformation and change consulting is not theoretical. It's boots on the ground, making things happen. This requires stamina, analytical skills, agility and really creative leadership footwork because you're often dancing on the edge of chaos. But first and foremost, the work is  human-centric. Leading change without respect for human complexity is like playing piano while tone deaf. 


Wide world of change.

Our world is going to continue changing. Industries, companies, communications, transportation, robotization will continue to evolve, and shape all our lives at home and at work. To prepare, we need to have change skills. They can no longer be the domain of a select few leaders in a select few companies. Make no mistake, these are Core skills -- there's nothing "soft" about them. Every person will need them to cope, to anticipate, to plan and to lead. Second Nature Workshops are designed for change and to increase that change capability, and agility in individuals and in companies.

More power to you.

Our workshops deliver practical knowledge and personal power, which you can't  get consuming books or media. The thing about practical knowledge, however, is that it requires practice. Practice creates skill, which becomes Second Nature. Start early and spend as much time as you can in an engaging, interactive and supportive environment. Get comfortable, being uncomfortable and you'll be amazed at the power you have.  

Victoria Khazan, Change Sherpa

President, Change Ethic, LLC

“As we change our own nature, the attitude of the world changes toward us.” 

Mahatma Gandhi

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