People Power : A Curriculum in 3 Acts 

ReAct Workshops 

Human Insight

Act Workshops 

Personal Power

InterAct Workshops 

Interpersonal Impact  & Leadership

Our Workshops build upon natural self-awareness, mental agility, interpersonal intelligence and stamina to navigate complexity and change in an atmosphere of fellowship, openness and support.

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Foundational workshops focus on our wiring,  self-awareness and recognizing reflexive behavior and blind spots in ourselves and others. Insights and strategies come from study and implementation of study and implementation psychology, sociology and neuro-scienctific models to move beyond reacting and avoiding triggers when dealing with others.



Workshops in this module focus on emotional and cognitive agility and resilience; complexity in decisions,  critical thinking, design thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset. Insight and tools come from study and implementation of behavioral, change, organizational and decision science.  Experiential practice incorporating participants' use cases and situations.



Workshops focus on interpersonal intelligence, communication art and science and leadership. Lessons and practices derive from social, organizational and management sciences as well as latest research and successful leadership coaching models. We will incorporate participants' own needs, experience and use cases.


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